Wisconsin’s Tim Cullen to leave Democratic caucus


Wisconsin State Sen. Tim Cullen, who was one of the 14 “fleebaggers” who left the state in 2011 to preclude a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s financial reform efforts, has said in an email he will leave the Democratic caucus and become an independent.

In an email to Senate colleagues with the subject “Response to Committee Assignments,” Cullen wrote, “Sen. [Mark] Miller has made clear that he does not value or need my presence in Senate Committee leadership and, quite obviously, in the Senate Democratic Caucus.”

Democrats recently took control of Wisconsin’s Sentate by a 17–16 majority after a recall election last month.

Sen Tim Cullen says he is leaving Sen Dem Caucus, hence depriving Dems of a majority after hard fought recall elections. #wirecall

— Cory Mason (@RepCoryMason) July 24, 2012

Sen. Tim Cullen says he was offended over committee chairs offered him after Democrats regained majority, leaves Democratic caucus

— Scott Bauer (@sbauerAP) July 24, 2012

Never a dull moment in Wisconsin's state Capitol. Sen. Tim Cullen, a D, is leaving the D caucus, which had just seized a 17-16 majority.

— Monica Davey (@monicadavey1) July 24, 2012

MT @sbauerap: GOP Sen Zipperer is leaving next month, so if Dem Sen. Tim Cullen becomes indy, Dems would have 16-15-1 majority #wiunion

— Jim Witkins (@jimwitkins) July 24, 2012

Is it just me, or does the whole Sen. Tim Cullen thing have that "last picked in dodgeball so I'm taking my ball and going home" feel to it?

— Mark David Zahn (@MarkDavidZahn) July 24, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/24/wisconsin-sen-tim-cullen-to-leave-democratic-caucus/

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