This Might Be The Ugliest Shirt Ever

Behold, the TurtleV! A men’s fashion revolution you didn’t know you needed and probably don’t want.

1. How many times have you thought, “geez, I really love turtlenecks but I hate how warm my chest gets.” Like, ALL THE TIMES, right?

2. V-neck tees are ~great~ but they offer little protection for your neck.

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3. Enter the TurtleV, a fashion innovation, designed to give you that tight v-neck look whilst also offering superior neck coverage.

4. I’m sure you’re curious about how such a wild invention might work…

5. According to TurtleV founders John Sautter and Craig O’Neill, wearing one will instantly make you cooler.

Because “research shows v-necks are awesome! They are stylish and will always make you look great. But with the chest exposed, the neck region suffers from heat loss,” explains TurtleV’s founders. “To combat this, we worked many long hours with our team of designers to develop CNW: Comfort Neck Warming technology.”

6. The secret is basically stitching a turtleneck onto a v-neck.

Or alternately cutting a v-neck out of a turtleneck. Take your pick.

7. There is a lot of ~science~ involved with this endeavor.


8. The TurtleV is currently looking for funding via Kickstarter.

They raised about $800 of their $17,000 goal.

9. Though let’s be honest, this can’t actually be a real thing. (Can it?)

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