These 22 Animals Cannot Believe What You Just Did. They…Can’t…Even!

You know that awkward face your dog makes that’s a little too human for comfort? We may project our own human emotions on our cuddly ones, but sometimes you have to wonder what they think and why they react in certain ways.

These animals are obviously in complete shock over what you just did. What did you do to these animals that they would make these faces? Take it back! 

1.) Are you trying to take this little mouse’s pizzelle wafer?

2.) Did you run this walrus’s bath water too hot?

3.) Did you call this leopard a cheetah?

4.) Did you just find this chameleon’s hiding place?

5.) Did you refuse to share your picnic basket with this bear?

6.) Are you really going to refuse to let this husky inside?

7.) Wait, which leaves are poisonous?

8.) Did you just tell this seal he has an awkward face?

9.) Did you just tell this pug he looks like the awkward seal?

10.) Never lie to these lions. Ever again.

11.) I can only assume you did a backflip for this cat. Wow.

12.) This husky just found his favorite toy hiding in your bed. Dude!

13.) This is the goat’s mountain. Do not climb any further.

14.) How dare you tell this otter he smells like shellfish.

15.) Aww…this turtle was just starting to get out of his shell too. Why’d you have to embarrass him?

16.) This chipmunk did not appreciate your lewd joke, especially with his mouth full of tree nuts.

17.) This dog should probably not be in this sock, but you don’t have to be so mean about it.

18.) I think this cat is really just pissed about you shoving a camera so close to his face.

19.) This cat agrees. Please get the camera out of his cat friend’s face.

20.) This taper is shocked that you would tell him it looks like he has a giant people nose. I mean just ’cause it’s true…

21.) Hoo did that? Hoo?

22.) This elephant will never forgot what you did to him that night you were drunk.

Did you say sorry for what you did? These animals are waiting. Look at these faces! Look at what you did!

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11 Awesome Brands For Plus-Size Workout Clothes

Stylish stuff that won’t ride up during workouts? Yes, please.

Ever spent an entire workout adjusting your pants? And shirt? And bra?

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If so, the problem is your clothes, not you.

And it might be time to check out some awesome plus-size gear.

And btw, “plus-size” doesn’t just mean bigger.

According to Rachel Blumenfeld, founder of Manifesta, a company that makes workout apparel for curvy athletes, her customers want things like fabrics that look great at any size, reinforced waistbands, roomier pant legs, and armpit holes that allow easy movement without showing too much skin. In short, clothes designed for their bodies and their proportions that make exercising comfortable and fun.

Check out the companies and brands below. They make workout clothes that are functional, stylish, and made for a wide range of body sizes.

1. Zella by Nordstrom ($$$)

$48, First Place Colorblock Pullover,

Work It Pants, $74,

My Run Layer 2 Cross Dye Jacket, $64,


In a nutshell: Super stylish clothes for basically any workout (or post-workout outing).

2. Manifesta ($$)

$59, Sweat Angel Tank,

$79, Drop It Like A Squat Capri,

$89, Just Prance Pant,


In a nutshell: Tanks and capris in bright colors, or with accents of bright color.

3. Livi Active by Lane Bryant ($$)

$59.95, Striped Layered-Look Top,

$44.95, Sparkle Wicking Active Tank,

$54.50 – $64.50, Zip Front Sports Bra,


In a nutshell: A big selection of comfy and casual stuff to exercise in.

4. Addition Elle’s Nola Activewear ($$)

$55, Molded Nola Sports Bra,

$50, Nola Running Leggings,

$40, Nola Printed T-Shirt,


In a nutshell: Cool designs and even cooler sports bras.

5. Katie K. ($$)

Signature Jacket, $88,

Signature Capri, $59,

Signature Racer Back Tank, $48,


In a nutshell: Bright colors and upbeat patterns.

6. Lola Getts ($$)

$44, Easy Tank,

$59, Lola Biker Short,

$58, LG Sweatshirt,


In a nutshell: Workout basics that keep it classy with a simple, three-color palette (black, white, and grey).

7. Cult of California ($$)

$45, Honeydew Jogbra,

$35, COC018,

$69, Galaxy Jog Capri,


In a nutshell: Activewear with a little bit of attitude.

8. Taffy ($$)

$30, Taffy Essentail Tank Top,

$64, Taffy Essential Jacket,

$32, Taffy Essential Short Sleeve,


In a nutshell: Looser-fitting clothes, plus the elusive printed workout tee.

9. Miraclesuit ($$$)

$140, Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Great Scott,

$170, Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Colorblock Escape,

$182, Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Jewel Box,


In a nutshell: Swimsuit options that will make you want to swim laps forever or find an ocean ASAP.

10. Juno Active ($$)

$29.95, QuikWik™ Comfort Brief,

$9.95, QuikWik™ Bike Short,

$39.95 – $44.95, Stretch Naturals Double Scoop Bra Top,


In a nutshell: Moisture-wicking underwear, for starters. Enough said.

11. fractal.9 (Prices vary)

In a nutshell: Crazy cool, one-of-a-kind patterns. Literally: All items are made to order.

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Obamacare Splash Page Stock Photo Girl is new National Review cover star

We don’t know the identity of the model whose face graces the splash page of online train wreck — we (and many others) are just glad we’re not her. It must be tough to be the face of failure on every news broadcast. Now, Obamacare Splash Page Stock Photo Girl has found a new gig, on the cover of the new National Review.

The clever cover re-creates the splash page with a few modifications, including a big green “Abandon Hope, All Who Click Here” button where the “Apply Online” button used to be. Another new feature is a “See Error Messages In Your Area” button.!/KC_EDM/status/393756579948142592

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This Would Give Me A Heart Attack! Just Keep Your Eye On That Guy Sunbathing…

This incredible video shows the moment a little plane coming in for a landing comes within inches of landing on a man sunbathing on a beach in Germany. In fact the plane came so close that it probably shaved off the man’s back hairs.

A 52-year-old amateur pilot and an engineer named Juergen Drucker admitted to German newspaper Bild that he had been the one flying the plane when it almost collided with the unidentified sunbather. He is quoted saying, “I noticed immediately that I was too low. The man on the beach was incredibly lucky. I’m very sorry…I couldn’t see the man on the beach…but I’m glad nothing happened to him”. Mr. Drucker also said the plane would require some minor repair work after hitting the fence. Source: Bild Share this “plane” scary video with your friends below.

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Death-wish Dem Allan Brauer’s history of online hate

Look over there! A Republican War on Women!

Allan Brauer, communications chair for the Sacramento Democrats, apologized earlier for a tweet to Amanda Carpenter in which he wished for the children of Ted Cruz’s senior communications adviser to “die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.” Because Republicans hate children, or something.

Brauer is the perfect representative to “walk the walk” on Democrat talking points against Republicans. For example, he’s fully qualified to rail against Republican misogyny:

Brauer is also a living, breathing example of the Democrats “we care more about all people” claim, as Texas Rep. Steve Stockman noticed:

Put that man in charge of our health care, right away! We’ve also found our next Homeland Security director.

Brauer is also one Dem who is good at demonstrating how the Republicans are so anti-Hispanic:


Trumpeting to the world the GOP hates kids and those with special needs? Brauer was on it:

And don’t forget the respect for the dead:

More on Brauer’s hate:

Anyway, back to that Republican “War on Women and Children.”

(Hat tip: Jeryl Bier)

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Twitter suspends Anonymous account behind Occupy Steubenville rape protests!/AnonymousJaye/status/289149011028484096

As Twitchy reported, activists associated with the Occupy and Anonymous movements have been pressuring authorities in Steubenville, Ohio, to expand their investigation of an alleged rape which took place in August. Two 16-year-old boys face a trial in February, but protesters assert that more might have been involved and a cover-up is underway to protect popular athletes in the community.

Today, a Twitter account associated with Anonymous was suspended. @KYAnonymous, who has been a driving force behind the Occupy Steubenville movement and appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360″ complete with Guy Fawkes mask, and began tweeting today from a backup account.

We’re well aware of the tendency of conservative tweeters to land in “Twitter Gulag,” a happening so common as to have inspired the nascent Twitter Gulag Defense Network. Was KYAnonymous suspended for an alleged threat sent via direct message? Another Twitter user, @Ihazcandy, says yes. KYAnonymous says he was framed.

Filmmaker Lee Stranahan, narrator of “Occupy Unmasked,” cautions against Anonymous and its methods.

During that Anderson Cooper appearance, KYAnonymous said that though Anonymous was not the judge or jury, ” it’s fair to say that we are the executioner.”

For now, the justice system in Steubenville is responsible for determining who’s guilty in the rape case. Twitter, meanwhile, will have to use whatever evidence it has to determine if the “heart and intent” of the “executioner” behind the mask is in conflict with its terms of service, if not the law itself.


#OccupySteubenville rape protest casts Anonymous in new role, but what’s behind the masks?

David Shuster gives shout-out to Occupy’s ‘inspiring’ rape protest

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Ha! Fred Thompson feeds Obama best excuse yet for O-care rollout disaster

We can’t believe President Obama hasn’t thought of that yet!



One more twist of the Obamacare mockery knife:

True story.



Twitchy coverage of Fred Thompson

Twitchy coverage of Rob “Drunken Stupors” Ford

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