Auckland Had A Stunning Sunset And Almost Shut Down Instagram

No filter necessary for this multicolour evening.

1. Last night, there was an absolute stunner of a sunset in Auckland.

2. It lit up the city, making everything look amazing.

3. More amazing than usual, that is.

4. And, of course, everyone took to social media to share their stunning snaps.

5. The sky was transformed into a glowing canvas of orange and yellow…

7. …and the clouds made breathtaking patterns.

Simply WOW! @LocalAuckland @NZ_Photo #sunset #Auckland #photography

— LWCmedia (@LWC media)

9. The sunset made Auckland’s harbour even more picturesque.

11. And everything looked like it was straight off a postcard.

13. The sky turned from blue, to orange, to pink

14. While the billowing clouds reflected amazing shades of purple and pink.

16. It made the commute home from work actually bearable.

A very Auckland sunset…

— nzdodo (@Jolisa Gracewood)

18. And there was no filter necessary to make every photo worthy of a double tap.

19. It’s doubtful there was anyone in the city who didn’t whip their phone out to take a photo.

20. Well done, Auckland.

21. You never fail to make us say “wow”.

22. Goodnight.

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‘Slam dunk’ consultant? As war with Syria looms, Obama summons Magic Johnson!/StevenTDennis/status/373169529545056256

Does President Obama want to consult with the basketball great about a response to Syria that’s “just muscular enough not to get mocked”?!/STJhoopsfan/status/373170061617283072

No, we don’t think he’s kidding.!/JimAcostaCNN/status/373169902036602883

At this time, it’s unclear why Magic Johnson is meeting with Obama:!/jonallendc/status/373169651741908992

Consulting with Johnson about Syria? The economy? A casual pickup game on the White House court, perhaps? Even Magic Johnson claimed he didn’t know why he was called to the White House:!/StevenTDennis/status/373169792464994304

One theory:!/JimAcostaCNN/status/373171507020574720

OK, that right there is funny!

After the meeting with Magic Johnson, President Obama is expected to get back to more serious issues:!/McDebida/status/373174616694333440

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Spectators sing the French national anthem while evacuating stadium

One of the targets of tonight’s terror coordinated terror attacks in Paris was the Stade de France stadium hosting a soccer math between France and Germany and you can actually hear the attack in progress onvideo:

A reported three suicide bombers were killed in the attack:

And this is awesome. Fans sang “La Marseillaise” — the French national anthem — while evacuating the stadium:

Here’s a first-hand account from inside the stadium via @notkerouac:

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Where In Britain Should You Get Married?

Love is in the air.

Shoot Lifestyle / / BuzzFeed

    1. Amsterdam

    2. Istanbul

    3. The Maldives

    1. New York City

    2. Paris

    3. Salzburg

    1. Santorini

    2. Thailand

    3. Tuscany

    1. A wine rack

    2. Cutlery

    3. A double slanket

    1. An art print

    2. Plane tickets

    3. A scrapbook

    1. Custom labelled wine

    2. Wedding china

    3. Bookends

    1. Getty

    2. Getty

    3. <li class="quiz_answer quiz_answer_el last " rel:correct="0" rel:personality_index="8" rel:id="4322860" rel:gtrack_id="quiz-answer" rel:gt_act=

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‘Everything will be ok': White House tweets pic of Obama on the phone!/WhiteHouse/status/499988910622392320!/secretkauaigirl/status/499989359970377728!/methuselaschild/status/499998192323162112!/DraftRyan2016/status/499992857441488898!/bradcundiff/status/500022489133494273


As if we didn’t have enough pictures from this administration of goofy people on bikes.


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