Suck level: Unchanged! Meme pic that captures post-shutdown mood

Perfection. On the heels of the deal to end the Shutdown Theater, that pic from puts it all in a nutshell, doesn’t it?!/dinarissimo/status/390834762090545152

Agreed. It says it all.

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People reportedly ‘jumping, falling’ off Cairo bridge amid ‘Day of Rage’ chaos [photos]

Writer Sarah Carr is live-tweeting the intense chaos, violence and bloodshed in Cairo today as Muslim Brotherhood supporters take to the streets for a Day of Rage. Carr reports that people are “jumping,” “falling” and “sliding” off the 6th of October Bridge.


This video is now circulating and appears to have been taken at the same location.!/gavreilly/status/368384862677237760

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Demented lib comments on rape culture by depicting Paul Ryan as rapist [pic]

Earlier today, Ebony and Feministing writer Zerlina Maxwell launched #RapeCultureIsWhen:

The hashtag has been trending on Twitter throughout the day, and it has afforded at least one rabid prog the opportunity to tweet something horrifically stupid:!/nschim/status/448542386830843905

Rep. Ryan’s crime? Co-sponsoring the Sanctity of Human Life Act. If “Serenity” had bothered to actually read the bill, she’d see that it contained no language suggesting that a rapist could sue his pregnant victim to keep her from aborting the unborn child. It was Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum who dreamed up the lawsuit scenario that spread like wildfire through leftist circles.

But instead of doing her research, “Serenity” felt her time would be better spent making Paul Ryan look like a rapist.

Here’s the full image:

Paul Ryan rapist

Absolutely repugnant.

Get help, Serenity. Now.



Left-wing sicko hopes someone impregnates Paul Ryan’s daughter; Updated

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NAACP’s Bond: ‘Legitimate’ for IRS to target Tea Party aka ‘Taliban wing’ of US politics; Update: Video added

Curious as to how the NAACP Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond feels about the IRS targeting conservative organizations? This morning, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts asked him that very question. The answer may surprise you — if by “surprise,” you mean “not remotely surprise”:

.@naacp‘s Julian Bond approves of #IRS going after Tea Party “who are admittedly racist” and “Taliban wing of American politics.” #sickening

— Prudence Paine (@PruPaine) May 14, 2013

Transcript via The Washington Free Beacon:

BOND: No, I don’t think there’s a double standard at all. I think it’s entirely legitimate to look at the tea party. Here are a group of people who are admittedly racist. Who are overtly political, who’ve tried as best they can to harm President Obama in every way. I don’t think there are correct parallels between those two incidents. It was wrong for the IRS to behave in this heavy handed manner. They didn’t explain it well before or now what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. But there are no parallels between these two.

BOND: I hope not. I hope they don’t get any more air. They are the Taliban wing of american politics. We all ought to be a little worried about them.

Roberts suggested that Bond’s characterization of the Tea Party is “a little harsh.” Bond’s response: “Not at all. The truth may hurt, but it’s the truth.”

Clearly, Bond’s definition of “the truth” is a very loose one, in that it’s absolute B.S.

NAACP’s Julian Bond: “The Tea Party is the American Taliban and deserves to get singled out by the IRS.” Civil rights leader my %%&

— Seth (@dcseth) May 14, 2013

@benhowe NAACP — proving that the race card is the only one they have in their whole deck. #racebaitingchamps

— Patrick Nolan (@nolpatrick) May 14, 2013

We’re getting pretty tired of this game.

Like clockwork, the NAACP chimes in order to label anyone holding Obama accountable a racist. #Progressivism101 #Scandalpalooza

— RB (@RBPundit) May 14, 2013

The Obama administration’s problems have nothing to do with race. But that’s not going to stop the NAACP! #Scandalpalooza

— RB (@RBPundit) May 14, 2013

Stay the course, NAACP!

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Tim McCarver: More home runs hit today because of climate change

FOX Sports baseball analyst Tim McCarver has a theory about why there are more home runs hit today than in previous years. He believes it is a result of climate change. He made his theory known on today’s broadcast of the Brewers/Cardinals game. An onslaught of criticism ensued.

Tim McCarver just blamed global warming (and thinner air) for an increased # of #MLB home runs in past 50 years #WTF?

— Morgan Jackson (@BioInFocus) April 28, 2012

@Matt_Filippi ur telling me tim mccarver isn't a reliable source on climate change

— Matthew Guilder (@Matt_Guilder) April 28, 2012

Im appalled that Tim McCarver blames climate change for the increased amount of home runs #Lostallhope

— Justin Some (@JustinSome) April 28, 2012

Tim #McCarver will be giving a Powerpoint on "Global Climate Change Baseball Theory" at Cooperstown this Thursday at 5pm #MLB #what

— Nicholas Bohac (@nicholasbohac) April 28, 2012

Tim mccarver, a former catcher and now apparently a self-taught physicist, says balls fly more due to climate change – thinner air. Idiot.

— Beau Sharbrough (@beausharbrough) April 28, 2012

Tim McCarver blames climate change for increased HRs in MLB. Let the jokes fly freely, Twitter. Don't let me down.

— Dave Kaufman (@TheKaufmanShow) April 28, 2012

RT @lhd_on_sports: Did Tim McCarver just blame the boom in home runs to climate change?

— longhorndave (@longhorndave) April 28, 2012

Tim McCarver just said climate change is why there are more home runs now than 50 years ago.

— Greg Akers (@GregAkers) April 28, 2012

Is Tim McCarver seriously putting out the theory that climate change is responsible for baseballs traveling further? #MLB

— Nicholas Bohac (@nicholasbohac) April 28, 2012

Tim McCarver blaming climate change on the increase in HRs isn't even the dumbest thing I've heard today.

— Jordy McKever (@itsjordylive) April 28, 2012

Climate change has caused thinner air resulting in more home runs. That according to well known climate scientist . . . Tim McCarver?

— Matt Thompson (@MattyT_6) April 28, 2012!/nm_exbros/status/196306427986448384


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Oops! US State Department misspells name of Syria’s president; Correction: More than one way to spell it

Grenell is right:

To some it may seem nitpicky. We all make spelling mistakes, after all.

But Grennell’s point about double standards is spot on:

If you don’t believe him, you must be too young to remember this:

A minor slip-up by Vice President Dan Quayle hatched a frenzy and a long-running joke. Quayle led a spelling bee for sixth-grade students while visiting an elementary school in New Jersey in 1992. Working from an inaccurate flash card prepared by a teacher, he corrected William Figueroa, 12, when the child spelled “potato” on the blackboard – making the boy add an unnecessary “e” at the word’s end.

Quayle would never hear the end of it. The media assault for this goof was truly relentless.

* * *

Correction: While the “Asad” spelling is unconventional in the US, it has been used by others and has been used by the U.S. Department of State for many years.  We’re no experts, but we now think there is more than one way to spell the name. We believe our original post was in error. We apologize.

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