23 No-Candy Valentines Kids Will Love Even More Than Sugar

Because kids don’t need any more candy.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Glow sticks.

“You make me glow.” Download the free printable in four different colors here.

2. Hand clappers.

“You deserve a hand.” Download the free printable (for mini or full-sized hand clappers) here.

3. Stamps.

“I think you’re a stamp-endous friend!” Download the free printable here.

4. Finger lights.

“You are one bright kid!” Download the free printable here.

5. Bubble wands.

“You blow me away!” Learn more — and find a link to the free printable — here.

6. Tiny animals.

“I’m wild about you!” Download all four free printables here.

7. Pens or pencils.

“I think you are just write!” Download the free printable here.

8. Melting heart slime.

“Slime yours!” Find the recipe for melting heart slime — and a free printable — here.

9. Rulers.

“You rule.” Learn more — and download the free printable — here.

10. Rainbow loom bracelets.

“Friends forever.” Download all eight free printables here.

11. Little toy cars.

“I wheelie like you!” Download the free printable here.

12. Whoopee cushions.

“Whoopee! It’s Valentine’s Day!” Download the free printable here.

13. Bouncy balls.

“You make my heart bounce!” Learn more about how to put these together — and download the free printable — here.

14. Stretchy hearts.

“I like you this much!” Find the free printable here.

15. Silly straws.

“Sip! Sip! Hooray it’s Valentine’s Day!” Download the printable here for $1.95.

16. Astronaut figures.

“You’re out of this world!” Download the free printable here.

17. Plastic bugs.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, love bug!” Learn more about making these — and find the free printable — here.

18. Mad libs.

“I’m ‘mad’ about you!” Download the free printable here.

19. Balloons.

Learn how to make one of these featuring your own kid here.

20. Play-Doh.

“Doh’nt you know you were ‘cut out’ for me?” Find the free printable here.

21. Lip whistles.

“Blow me a kiss.” Download the free printable here.

22. Plastic paratrooper toys.

“Dropping down to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!” Download the free printable here.

23. Magnifying glasses.

“I’ve had my eye on you.” Download the free printable here.

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I Can’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make These 21 Things Myself. The Results Are STUNNING.

The DIY craft craze has been sweeping the nation, ever since the “online corkboard” site called Pinterest has gotten popular. You can find almost any craft under the sun on this site. Figuring out cheap and easy ways to make your own furniture and decor is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Because of that, some pretty impressive tutorials have been created. For those of you who love crafts (or even just cool projects), check out these 21 lamps you can build yourself using only household items and simple tools. They are great crafts and, even better, they look fantastic when they are finished.

1.) These simple chandeliers turn your room into a forest.

2.) Use cupcake liners to create a paper orb light.

3.) Buy acrylic gummy bears (real ones may melt) and build your own gummy chandelier.

4.) Combining plastic spoons and water jugs can make a great lamp.

5.) An old drum kit can be converted into an awesome light.

6.) Make yourself some teacup lights.

7.) A carved gourd can make a pretty bomb lamp.

8.) Spare bike parts created this epic lamp.

9.) Visit a thrift shop,buy some old hats and make awesome lamps.

10.) Doilies and art supplies make a pretty lace lamp.

11.) This cloud cutout lamp is simple, but beautiful.

12.) A wine bottle chandelier is perfect for the kitchen.

13.) So are these great grater lamps.

14.) Find cheap sliverware at the thrift shop? Make these cool lamps.

15.) Spare hangers are also great for making lamps.

16.) Globe lamps will make you seem more worldly.

17.) A workout ball can help you make this awesome yarn lamp shade.

18.) Strips of paper and clever gluing can make an awesome starburst paper light.

19.) Don’t throw away your pop tabs, you could make this awesome lamp.

20.) Cut off the bottoms of plastic bottles… and make this awesome chandelier.

21.) Folding over a simple carton can make an amazing lamp…

(H/T Bored Panda) Crafty projects like this may not be for everyone, but these examples can certainly inspire you to recycle more of the stuff you would otherwise throw away. A milk carton, old hanger or pop tab can become so much more. Don’t just throw it away and let it sit in a land fill! Share these awesome craft ideas with your friends by clicking the button below.

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