Andrew W.K., Glenn Beck discuss ‘love and partying’ on TheBlaze TV

Rocker Andrew W.K. appeared on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV Monday afternoon to discuss a column published this week in The Village Voice that’s made a splash in political circles. As Mediaite notes, the “king of partying” writes a weekly advice column for the Voice, and this week responded to a letter writer complaining about his “65-year-old super right-wing conservative [father] who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics.”

W.K. wrote a lengthy and thoughtful reply which can be read in full here, but in conclusion he asked his letter writer to examine his own attitude:

Love your dad because he’s your father, because he made you, because he thinks for himself, and most of all because he is a person. Have the strength to doubt and question what you believe as easily as you’re so quick to doubt his beliefs. Live with a truly open mind — the kind of open mind that even questions the idea of an open mind. Don’t feel the need to always pick a side. And if you do pick a side, pick the side of love. It remains our only real hope for survival and has more power to save us than any other belief we could ever cling to.

W.K. took that message to TheBlaze TV.

And we passed this guy over for cultural ambassador to Bahrain?

Here’s video of Beck’s initial reaction to W.K.’s column from last week.





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