Is It Food, Or Not? With These 25 Tricky Photos It's Hard To Tell.

Is It Food, Or Not? With These 25 Tricky Photos It’s Hard To Tell.

Playing with your food is a bad thing, right? Wrong. We know that your mother told you not to, but these days if your food doesn’t look as amazing as it tastes, well, you might as well not bother stepping foot in the kitchen. Take a look at these amazing works of food masterpiece art and scope out some of the recipes to see if you can top these chefs.

2. Chocolate turntable

3. Crayon Chocolate

4. Jackson Pollock inspired chocolate

5. Jackson Pollock inspired rice crispy

6. Mondrian Cake

7. Van Gogh inspired salad

8. Screaming Fudge

10. Fruit and Veggie Animals

13. Soup Rice Bath

14. Chewie Noodles

15. Kevin Bacon

17. Crustacean Sausage Rolls

18. Hungry Caterpillar inspired snack

19. Kermit and Animal lunch set

20. And Miss Piggy, too

21. Pikachu sushi

22. Turtle Power Cheese Ball

23. Lady Bug Caprese Salad

24. Shark-melon

25. Croco-melon (for the more intense carver)

Picky eaters won’t be able to put this stuff down. Share the sweet treats with your friends using the button below!

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