Remember when Democrats weren’t so welcoming to immigrant kids? [pic]!/Mikerhartmann/status/485821158416072705

Tweeter @Ringo6 reminds us of the time when it was important for children to go back to their home country, regardless of how evil the regime leading it was.!/Ringo6/status/485799157244772353

Zing. Who could forget the paramilitary extraction of Elian Gonzales prior to shipping the poor kid back to Communist Cuba.

Wasnt it because he was Cuban?

Elian Gonzalez leaves Cuba for first time since bitter custody battle;…— Joshua (@woodardjba) July 06, 2014

Now Elian is a well indoctrinated Castro lover.!/SoquelCreek/status/485812445974237184!/Ringo6/status/485813606647218177

It’s all about the numbers for some people.



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DJ duo: Ebola was manufactured for population control!/themartinezbros/status/521602694658543617

What is it with musicians and Ebola?

Yesterday, Twitchy brought you the story of a Grammy-nominated production team, Arkatech Beatz, which claimed that Ebola is a fake scenario conjured up by pharmaceutical companies.

The Martinez Brothers, “globe-trotting DJ superstars” from the Bronx, also hold peculiar views about Ebola.

And if you don’t agree with them, “your buggin.”

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Poor baby! Being on a plane with Mitt Romney makes actress Laverne Cox ‘gag’!/krissrosesuxx/status/515178922687086592

“Orange is the New Black” actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox thinks she’s pretty hot stuff. Too hot to have to share a plane with that icky Mitt Romney, evidently:

#MittRomney is on the plane with me. #gag

— Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) September 25, 2014

Some of her followers had thoughts on what she could do about it:

Fight him “@Lavernecox: #MittRomney is on the plane with me. #gag

— Baelenciaga. (@HausJasmine_) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox don't touch him! Dirty!

— ivebeenvolked (@IvebeenVolked) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox Bahahaha… Breath thru your mouth!!!

— Mardi Pieronek (@MardiPieronek) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox DRAG HIM

— alec (@alecjayk) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox if there was ever a reason to walk by someone and fart…. Or smile and whisper "Obama's still president"

— sophia (@chriscolfers) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox Best to avoid physical contact. Including fluid exchange.

— Dan Monaghan (@danmonaghan) September 25, 2014

@theferocity @BuzzFeedLGBT @Lavernecox Go up, introduce yourself, then ask to see his special underwear. #MileHighMormon

— Keric Comic (@changeiscomic) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox Please spill a drink on him.

— Candice (@BBCandice) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox slay him

— macey crehan (@macey_danzig) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox Ask if he has opened those binders yet.

— Kim F. Hall (@ProfKFH) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox: #MittRomney is on the plane with me. #gag” drag his racist ugly white ass

— zayn stan (@abelplz) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox open the door and push him out

— tash (@lovatash) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox push him off

— India Crone (@India_Crone) September 25, 2014

Gotta love tolerance!

@Lavernecox believe it or not, there are trans republicans, we are a diverse group.

— shae altice (@shaealtice) September 25, 2014

.@Lavernecox It really is awful you have to share a plane with a devoted family man that donates millions to charity. How will you survive?

— AG (@AG_Conservative) September 25, 2014

.@Lavernecox More peace and acceptance from the racist left-wing professional make-believers. #tolerance

— Kevin Lebo (@kevinlebo) September 25, 2014

Classy. @Lavernecox

— RB (@RBPundit) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox so much for being classy huh?

— Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) September 25, 2014

I'm sure he'd feel the same about you. Wait no, he's not rude like you. RT @Lavernecox: #MittRomney is on the plane with me. #gag

— DrewMTips (@DrewMTips) September 25, 2014

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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Zing! Pres. Ego honors #PajamaBoy in true Obama style [Photoshops]!/HarrietBaldwin/status/413207797439168512

It had to happen.

Even bronies are snickering at OFA’s pitful onesie-clad spokesmodel for Obamacare. The Twitterverse dubbed the human contraceptive “Pajama Boy” and quickly went to work mocking his secret identity and giving him his rightful place in memedom.

Obama/#PajamaBoy selfie, anyone?

Of course, no Photoshop mockery would be complete without the narcissist in chief honoring the flannel-covered spokesmodel.

Together, they can honor Rosa Parks. Like father, like son:


Giggle-boom: ‘Hey, ladies!’ A bright side to #PajamaBoy; So there’s this?

Twitter gold! The Obama #PajamaBoy selfie and other must-see mash-ups and memes [Photoshops]

Exclusive: Juiceboxes after dark! OFA’s #Pajamaboy’s identity revealed? [pic]

OFA’s ‘FlannelCare guy’ is Internet sensation … with conservatives [Photoshops]

‘This is getting insane’: OFA’s onesie-clad Obamacare spokesmodel inspires mockery

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Let us be clear: The #SOTUDrinkingGame will give you alcohol poisoning

Greg Gutfeld of “The Five” already laid out the rules of his State of the Union drinking game, but with the speech drawing close, it’s time to make final preparations.!/catoletters/status/428274898046181376!/p4lm2/status/428306343695351808!/p4lm2/status/428310931030806529!/hbob09/status/428327861422796800

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Neil deGrasse Tyson will apologize to George W. Bush as soon as he finds ‘a good medium’

Twitchy reported that Neil deGrasse Tyson took to his Facebook page to halfheartedly admit that he was wrong for using erroneous quotes to smear George W. Bush. Tyson was pressed on why he hasn’t directly apologized to Bush.

.@neiltyson Why not say "My apologies to George W. Bush for repeatedly & completely misstating what he meant in that quote about 'our God.'"

— Christopher Chabris (@cfchabris) September 28, 2014

Tyson responded that he’s looking for a medium:

@cfchabris Thanks. Sure, I plan to say something like that soon. I’m looking for a good medium & occasion.

— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) September 28, 2014

Others quickly pointed out that the medium he’s currently using or the one (Facebook) he used previously would work just fine.

@seanmdav @Aaron_RS @neiltyson a good medium would be twitter, and a good time would be any.

— Alexander The Great (@EnblocGarand) September 28, 2014

@neiltyson @cfchabris I hear that Twitter thing is a pretty good medium…just tag in @laurawbush , she'll tell George

— Roger (@Roger247) September 28, 2014

. @neiltyson How about now? On Twitter? What better medium? @MichelleNMeyer @MomMilkshake

— Doug كافر (@dthurston) September 28, 2014

@neiltyson @cfchabris translation…"if I wait long enough, everybody will forget about it."

— JB Neal (@JBJneal44) September 28, 2014

@neiltyson @cfchabris Why? You didn't need a good medium or occasion to lie.

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) September 28, 2014

.@neiltyson There’s never a bad time or place to say “I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) September 28, 2014



Sean Davis: Wikipedia’s scrubbing of Neil deGrasse Tyson controversy ‘would make China proud’

Twitchy’s coverage of Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Wendy Davis: Hobby Lobby decision ‘restrict(s) access to birth control’

Straight out of the Democrat playbook

Is anyone falling for this crap?


Democrat talking point: GOP candidates want to ‘block birth control’

Sen. Kay Hagan: ‘A woman’s right to contraception shouldn’t be up for debate’

Lena Dunham weighs in on SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby ruling

Paul Begala’s ‘dumb’ spin on how Hobby Lobby ruling ‘is a winner for you’ is a loser

Rep. Jared Polis shows off Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision; Updated

‘Heap pissed off’! Elizabeth ‘Lie-awatha’ Warren ‘can’t believe’ Hobby Lobby outcome

‘Clueless or lying’: Sandra Fluke ‘purposefully ignoring’ fact in Hobby Lobby decision


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Amanda Marcotte: High school senior sexually harassed Miss America

Despite being warned by school officials not to, senior Patrick Farves used a visit by Miss America Nina Davuluri to Central York High School to ask her to the prom. Sure, it might have been awkward, but was it sexual harassment? Amanda Marcotte — at one time John Edwards’ blogmaster  — says yes.!/esjurso/status/458277482769440768

Or is it?

Got it?

@DrNerdLove @AmandaMarcotte
Still the question is unanswered. How is this Sexual Harassment?
This is awkward, yes, harassment, no.— Vincent's Verstandsk (@VerstandskiesK) April 21, 2014

That’s why.


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‘Disgrace to journalism': David Gregory asks horrifically stupid Christie question

Oh boy! And all it took was a scandal in a Republican’s administration:

Just on its surface, Gregory’s tweet is asinine enough:

But when you consider that Gregory didn’t seem to feel that way about anything that happened on President Obama’s watch, his hackery grows exponentially:

Gee. He can’t recall. But maybe that’s because he’s still got his own burden to deal with:

Remember this?

What a colossal joke.



Twitchy coverage of David Gregory

Twitchy coverage of the NJ bridge scandal

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Michelle Fields refers to Phil Robertson as ‘racist'; Evidence for claim requested

Not that critics of Phil Robertson need any extra assistance, but count frequent “Hannity” guest Michelle Fields among those who have labeled the “Duck Dynasty” star racist:!/MichelleFields/status/413892389711790081

Fields also retweeted this:

The article linked above offered as “evidence” that Robertson is a racist puts words in his mouth. For example, Robertson never said African-Americans were “happier under Jim Crow,” but rather those words are the author’s interpretation of what Robertson said, which was a description of his personal experience in pre-civil rights Louisiana.

These tweeters would rather Fields judge Robertson based on what he actually said on this issue and not from separate, agenda-driven interpretations of those words:

* * *


Fields has since deleted her tweet.


Fields responds to Twitchy’s post:!/MichelleFields/status/414218678062690304

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