Watch the F-22 make its ‘combat debut’ in Syria [video]!/DeptofDefense/status/514432152940052481

This is what happens when the 21st century interacts with terrorists from the 7th century:

CENTCOM video of the first-ever F-22 strike

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) September 23, 2014

More here from the Wall Street Journal:

The Pentagon’s most advanced fighter plane made its combat debut in the U.S.-led strikes on Syria overnight, serving a crucial purpose for a sensitive mission that depended on stealth.

Pilots flying the F-22 Raptor flew bombing runs over Syria to target the militant Islamic State group, U.S. officials said.

Officials didn’t say what targets the F-22 struck, but said it was used later in the series of strikes, which lasted several hours.

The plane is one of the country’s most expensive—the F-22 program has cost $67 billion and only 188 planes have been built—but U.S. policymakers have been reluctant to use it in combat, in part because its high-end capabilities weren’t needed for militant threats that the U.S. has been focused on for the last decade.

And from the Department of Defense on the different aircraft used in yesterday’s missions:

Learn more about the stealth aircraft used in airstrikes against #ISIL targets in #Syria.

— U.S. Dept of Defense (@DeptofDefense) September 23, 2014



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Pentagon settles on codename for operation against ISIS, will unveil soon!/skymanhill/status/521767142665240576

At least we can hope for a good name: Pentagon to release secret codename of anti-ISIS operation

— Malcolm JGE Murray (@malcmur) October 14, 2014

The United States’ campaign against ISIS takes a major step forward this week as the Pentagon prepares to reveal the codename for the operation, which has been settled on at last, according to CNN.

There IS now a secret codename for the operation against #ISIS Pentagon getting ready to unveil later this week.@julianbarnes @DefenseBaron

— Barbara Starr (@barbarastarrcnn) October 13, 2014

@barbarastarrcnn @julianbarnes @DefenseBaron This isn't an Apple unveiling event. Why wait? … Nevermind, idk why I ask anymore

— Ire (@Its_Ire) October 13, 2014

So many questions remain.

@barbarastarrcnn @CraigMWhitlock @julianbarnes @DefenseBaron Are they going to have O announce it like he wanted one, when we know he d/n?

— Laura McGinnis (@Txsleuth) October 13, 2014

@barbarastarrcnn @julianbarnes @DefenseBaron whats the rush? the community organizer, empty suit should golf more while #isis takes Baghdad

— Scott M Dixon (@ScottMDixon22) October 13, 2014

@APDiploWriter @ghoshworld If they tell us, won't they have to kill us, since it's secret?

— Sherry String (@CompaqSstring3) October 14, 2014

Messaging in DoD's secret anti-ISIL campaign codename will be interesting — will signal whether WH wants this to big a big deal or keep low

— philewing (@philewing) October 14, 2014

Who wants to guess what the codename will be?

Guess the codename competition: go! "Pentagon to release secret codename of anti-IS operation"

— Andrew Stroehlein (@astroehlein) October 14, 2014

@barbarastarrcnn @julianbarnes @DefenseBaron What is it? Operation Lose

— Patricia (@DogMyers) October 13, 2014

@DefenseBaron @kristina_wong @barbarastarrcnn @julianbarnes Operation slow start, Operation kinda sorta or Operation get me thru till 2017

— JP (@AgenerationXer) October 14, 2014

Operation Oops I Did It Again? “@barbarastarrcnn:There IS a secret codename for op against #ISIS Pentagon gettin ready to unveil this week”

— Live From Karachi (@WajSKhan) October 13, 2014

@barbarastarrcnn @julianbarnes I vote for the Operation Formerly Known As Prince. #OFKAP

— Kevin Baron (@DefenseBaron) October 13, 2014

My suggestions for secret code name for ISIL op: Operation Cross Your Fingers Operation Hope and Pray Operation Stall Til Election Day

— emptywheel (@emptywheel) October 13, 2014

@GregJaffe Operation Caliph-ornication. I sponsored a contest a couple of months ago. That was the overwhelming winner.

— Doctrine Man (@Doctrine_Man) October 14, 2014

@GregJaffe And the secret name is: #bushsfault !

— Capt. Marlow (@Captain_Marlow) October 14, 2014

@GregJaffe @lrozen Didn't we already decide on Operation Repo?

— Léon ElsjanofWipper (@LeonEoW) October 14, 2014

@GregJaffe @lrozen operation 'Give us more time to think of a name'

— Christopher Amhoff (@camhoff20) October 14, 2014

@APDiploWriter @mletterle @ghoshworld Operation Anti-Workplace Violence

— Chad Myers (@chadmyers) October 14, 2014

@APDiploWriter @ghoshworld Anti-#ISIS code name – “Deafening Silence”

— IR_1008 (@IR_1008) October 14, 2014

@APDiploWriter @ghoshworld Operation Hot Mother

— James Kennedy (@JamesKennedyDC) October 14, 2014

@APDiploWriter @ghoshworld Operation Here We Go Again

— Mike Kaev (@MikeKaev) October 14, 2014

@astroehlein Operation: Honey Badger

— James Denselow (@jamesdenselow) October 14, 2014

@astroehlein Operation: Quagmire

— Mirza Hota (@MirzaHota) October 14, 2014

@iRSSNews @CNN I was hoping for the "Tenth Crusade" myself.

— Sarcastic Texan (@TexanSarcastic) October 13, 2014

Part of the holdup, apparently, is making sure the name is “PC” is several languages.

@iRSSNews @act4america @CNN "military has made sure the name is acceptable in languages other than English so it does not cause offense when

— Michael Nunez (@mickeynu477) October 13, 2014

@iRSSNews @act4america @CNN translated." My, have we totally gone wimpy in this country.

— Michael Nunez (@mickeynu477) October 13, 2014

@iRSSNews @act4america @CNN They're spending more time on the name of the op than they are developing a cohesive [read: winning] strategy.

— Michael Nunez (@mickeynu477) October 13, 2014

"Pentagon to release secret codename of anti-ISIS operation" Why congress has 12% approval. Call it anything you want, dammit. Do something!

— Bruce H. Wolk (@BruceHWolk) October 14, 2014


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