These Conspiracy Theories About the Ebola Outbreak are Mind Bogglingly Odd.

If these Ebola conspiracy theories seem pretty out there, that’s because they are. However, that didn’t stop people from coming up with them. Some say the deadly disease is a population control tool, a weapon of mass destruction, or even non-existent. In reality, none of these things are true, but that doesn’t make these theories any less interesting to read. Check them out below.

1.) The Ebola outbreak is being used as a form of population control.

2.) Ebola is being used to distract people from an allegedly damning report that links autism to children’s vaccinations.


3.) Some concerned citizens, especially in certain parts of West Africa, blame the Ebola outbreak on witchcraft.

4.) Though groups like Doctors Without Borders risking their lives to do their absolute best to fight the Ebola outbreak, there are some who believe that the doctors are the ones spreading the virus.

5.) One theory that follows the path of the Ebola outbreak is that an evil snake cursed someone in Guinea, who then infected people in Sierra Leone, who then…you get the picture.

6.) Also a popular component of other conspiracy theories, some believe that the Ebola virus exists to lower the number of living people to a more manageable number by the New World Order, a totalitarian world government ruled by the “elite.”

7.) Ebola is a weapon of mass destruction.

8.) Some religious leaders, like Catholic Archbishop Lewis J. Zeigler and LCC President, Rt. Rev. Dr. Jonathan B.B. Hart, believe the Ebola outbreak is proof that God is angry with Liberia and, apparently, the rest of the world.

9.) A rumor spread through Nigeria that salt water, which will dehydrate and likely kill anyone who drinks too much of it, can cure Ebola.

10.) There is no Ebola, but CDC says there is so money can be made from different medicinal cures and vaccines.

(via Bustle, Listverse)

It’s important to listen to people who believe things that differ from what you do have to say. At the same time, you don’t have to drop what you believed to be true and conform to their way of thinking. Take what you can, if that’s even anything, from the theories of others. At the end of the day, you have to believe what you believe, whatever that may be.

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