Rep. Peter King threatens congressional colleagues over Sandy relief vote!/NSementelli/status/291222856090656768

When the House failed to pass a pork-laden $60 billion Sandy relief bill earlier this month, New York GOP Rep. Peter King called it “indefensible” and called Republicans who opposed the bill “disgraceful.” Congress eventually decided to pass relief legislation in two phases, and is set to vote today on the second. Many conservatives are opposed to this legislation being passed as-is because it is loaded with non-Sandy-related pork. But King wants his out-of-state colleagues to know that they’d better toe his line this time around … or else:

For those who weren’t there when NY needed them, the day will come when they need us & I’ll have it in my memory bank:…

— Rep. Pete King (@RepPeteKing) January 15, 2013

Uh, beg your pardon?

King fails to reserve any outrage for the bill’s plethora of pork:

@reppeteking The original bill was loaded with pork that had nothing to do with Sandy. Why don’t you grow a pair and point that out?

— Blue_In_Green (@Blue_In_Green59) January 15, 2013

@reppeteking is that why there was $$ for Alaska in the bill???

— Frunkis (@navyvetpc6) January 15, 2013

And instead resorts to an ominous veiled threat.

Save us your threats, @reppeteking. Very immature. NY/NJ isn’t the only part of US that’s suffered mass destruction in past 15 yrs. Grow up

— Blue_In_Green (@Blue_In_Green59) January 15, 2013

@reppeteking That is the creepiest verbiage for an elected official to spout that I have ever heard. You are a corrupt criminal dirt bag.

— The TRUTH Project (@TruthProjectUS) January 15, 2013

Or, as Rep. King might say, “disgraceful.”

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