If you teach your kids to use guns, Vince Neil doesn’t want you at his shows

If you teach your kids to use guns, Vince Neil doesn’t want you at his shows

Like many ghoulish celebs, in the immediate wake of the Newtown massacre, Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil’s first thought was for the families of the victims … and how their devastation could help him push “Gun Control!!!”

After some Twitter followers took him to task for using the murder victims to prop up a gun-grabbing agenda, Neil lashed out at them for mentioning guns without the word “control” attached.

Why is everyone so concerned with guns? What about the CHILDREN that were MURDERED today! Get your priorities straight!! Come on people!!

— Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 14, 2012

I did say gun control but I didn’t think 90% of you would care more about your gun than dead children!!!

— Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 14, 2012

The brutally blunt Twitterverse reminded Neil that perhaps people who spent time in the big house for vehicular manslaughter and DUI shouldn’t throw stones.

“@1michaelray: @thevinceneil This from someone who killed with a car and alcohol… JUSTICE?” Exactly!!!!

— Richard Johnson (@richjohnson83) December 15, 2012

@thevinceneil, who used a car to kill someone while he was FUCKED UP, wants to preach TO US about #GUNCONTROL.SERIOUSLY????? #justsayin 😡

— Joe 30-Pack(D-TX) (@Joe6packradio) December 16, 2012

@thevinceneil seriously dude? Hope u put this much effort into DUI related deaths..oh wait……#hypocrite

— Leon Pennington (@Lpennington7) December 14, 2012

@thepoliticalhat @thevinceneil SCORECARD: Vince Neil’s car – 1// My .38 – 0

— GTJessop (@murgatr0id) December 14, 2012

Maybe when @thevinceneil is done being a hypocrite about #GunControl laws we can talk about the man he killedwhile driving drunk?

— just another mo(@JustAnotherMo) December 16, 2012

Cars don’t kill people; drunk people like Vince Neil behind the wheel kill people. In 1984, Neil was sentenced to $2.5 million in restitution, community service and 30 days in jail after he lost control of his car while driving drunk. His friend, Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle, was killed in the crash.

Neil finished off his rant by letting people know that if they dare to give their children the gift of self-defense, they should go ahead and skip his shows.

FUCK YOU to EVERYONE who puts guns in front of kids!! Do not come to ANY shows! You are sick!!

— Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 15, 2012

Odd, we didn’t realize Neil was on tour. We wonder who he’s opening for.

Hey Vince, don’t go away mad (just go away).

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