The ears have it: Things overheard at DNC 2012

The ears have it: Things overheard at DNC 2012

We know that the Democratic National Convention doesn’t start until Monday, but hey — if the Washington Post can “fact-check” Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech hours before he gives it, then who are we to deny what these people have already #OverheardAtDNC2012?

#OverheardAtDNC2012 "Has anyone seen Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke?"

— Matthew Burke (@MatthewKBurke) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 Can someone pull the battery out of that National Debt Clock?

— LizzieFiles (@LizSchmidt3) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012: make sure the cameras don't show the size of the crowd

— Mark (@mark85nh) September 1, 2012

Anthony Weiner couldn't come, but he Tweeted his regrets. I think. #OverheardAtDNC2012

— Stuart (@Ringo6) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 Did you see the sand sculpture of Obama? Took 400 @SEIU laborers a year to make it. Cost $5 billion dollars. It's nice!

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) September 1, 2012

Excuse me. Here, Senator you dropped your race cards. #OverheardAtDNC2012

— نWENDYن (@TXCupCake) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 I don't have to pay for this, right?

— Torrey M. Spears (@torreymspears) September 1, 2012

Don't mention unemployment … Don't mention unemployment … Don't mention unemployment … #OverheardAtDNC2012

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 Give someone a fish, you feed him for one day. Teach him how to fish, and you lose a Democrat voter.

— The People's Cube (@ThePeoplesCube) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 I heard there's going to be a speech by the Karl Marx hologram

— CRASHR (@CRASHR_me) September 1, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 "We got ALL the dancing vaginas!"

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) September 2, 2012

This place is empty. Must be Bush's fault. #OverheardAtDNC2012

— Jeff Masterson (@idigmywork) September 2, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 Can we sing Choom-ba-ya again? You got a lighter?

— Dale (@Dbargen) September 2, 2012

#OverheardAtDNC2012 – The phrase "That's racist!" 312,578 times.

— Mike The Cop (@MotorHeadMike2) September 2, 2012

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