This Would Give Me A Heart Attack! Just Keep Your Eye On That Guy Sunbathing…

This incredible video shows the moment a little plane coming in for a landing comes within inches of landing on a man sunbathing on a beach in Germany. In fact the plane came so close that it probably shaved off the man’s back hairs.

A 52-year-old amateur pilot and an engineer named Juergen Drucker admitted to German newspaper Bild that he had been the one flying the plane when it almost collided with the unidentified sunbather. He is quoted saying, “I noticed immediately that I was too low. The man on the beach was incredibly lucky. I’m very sorry…I couldn’t see the man on the beach…but I’m glad nothing happened to him”. Mr. Drucker also said the plane would require some minor repair work after hitting the fence. Source: Bild Share this “plane” scary video with your friends below.

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