If Electronic Billing Didn’t Exist, This Dog’s Family Would Be In Big Trouble

An adorable Boston terrier named Abby likes to skip her afternoon nap every day, because that’s when a certain government worker drops paper treasures through the door.

While she probably thinks that she’s protecting her humans from rectangular invaders, the only thing her bizarre reaction really proves is that the battle between dogs and mail carriers wages on.

I have a feeling that this family has probably switched to electronic billing since Abby came along.

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When A Puppy Is Finally Reunited With His Owner, He Cannot Contain His Excitement

When this tiny Schnauzer’s human was gone for a few days, he was lost. Then, she finally returned after the short trip…and, judging by this little pooch’s reaction, he thought she was gone for good!

This puppy is overwhelmed by so many good feels!

No human has ever been this happy about anything. :)

That’s why dogs are known as man’s best friend. It doesn’t matter how long the absence is, they are always thrilled to be reunited with their humans!

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