This Changes Absolutely EVERYTHING I Thought About Insects. I’ll Never Swat One Ever Again.

If you were sitting outside on a beautiful, sunny day, and something buzzed near your face… what would you do? My immediate reaction would be overwhelming annoyance, but after seeing these photos, I’m going to rethink that. John Hallmén is a photographer who focuses on taking macro and microscopic photos of insects, showing us what they really look like… His stunning photographs may take you by surprise.

You may not realize that these creatures are so beautiful in passing.

Some may even consider these little bugs cute.

This ant says “SMILE!”

Once you get over your heebie jeebies, you may see that these insects are quite amazing.

They are so tiny and delicate.

The photographer was able to capture the fragile details of each insect.

Who knew that a bug could be so fuzzy?

Or downright adorable?

The macro photos of insects aren’t always beautiful. Some are terrifying, no matter how close up you get.

I feel bad about swatting these little guys, now.

Did you know that moths are just as pretty as their more dramatic butterfly cousins?

I would very much love to take this guy home with me and name him Frankie the Fly.

Each of these photos were taken by John in a nature reserve by his home in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s amazing to see just what these insects look like up-close. Bees, ants, spiders and flies have been hiding their secret, beautiful identities from us. To see more of his work, visit his Flickr photo stream or online portfolio. (H/T Elite Daily) Share John’s beautiful work by clicking below.

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