Never Fear, These Baby Animals Have Arrived to Cheer You Up.

When you’re feeling down, just remember two words: baby animals. With their tiny feet and round heads, there’s nothing better for getting over the blahs. Peruse our gallery of wee creatures and feel your spirits lift.  

1.) The leeeettlest leeeezard.

2.) Raaaar!

3.) You know you want to rub my belly.

4.) You can just HEAR this lil quacker.

5.) A perfect place for a nap!

6.) I don’t even know what animal this is, but I wanna snuggle it.

7.) This puffy bird found a perfect perch!

8.) Not just a baby duck, a SLEEPY baby duck.

9.) Goin’ to the beach…eventually.

10.) Kitteh is not amused.

11.) Just gonna hitch a ride here.

12.) Hello there, hoomin friend!

13.) Out for a stroll with the family.

14.) This lil moo is already stylish.

15.) Baby dolphin AND mini penguin? Oh goodness!

16.) It might not be fluffy, but a baby pangolin sure is cute.

17.) Baby fox is on the hunt.

18.) A baby echidna is called a puggle. Because they totally needed to be even cuter.

19.) Baby goats contemplating the universe.

20.) Otter-ly cute.

Now take a deep breath and look at them again. Feeling better already, right? Great!

(Images via FullPunch)

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These 22 Animals Cannot Believe What You Just Did. They…Can’t…Even!

You know that awkward face your dog makes that’s a little too human for comfort? We may project our own human emotions on our cuddly ones, but sometimes you have to wonder what they think and why they react in certain ways.

These animals are obviously in complete shock over what you just did. What did you do to these animals that they would make these faces? Take it back! 

1.) Are you trying to take this little mouse’s pizzelle wafer?

2.) Did you run this walrus’s bath water too hot?

3.) Did you call this leopard a cheetah?

4.) Did you just find this chameleon’s hiding place?

5.) Did you refuse to share your picnic basket with this bear?

6.) Are you really going to refuse to let this husky inside?

7.) Wait, which leaves are poisonous?

8.) Did you just tell this seal he has an awkward face?

9.) Did you just tell this pug he looks like the awkward seal?

10.) Never lie to these lions. Ever again.

11.) I can only assume you did a backflip for this cat. Wow.

12.) This husky just found his favorite toy hiding in your bed. Dude!

13.) This is the goat’s mountain. Do not climb any further.

14.) How dare you tell this otter he smells like shellfish.

15.) Aww…this turtle was just starting to get out of his shell too. Why’d you have to embarrass him?

16.) This chipmunk did not appreciate your lewd joke, especially with his mouth full of tree nuts.

17.) This dog should probably not be in this sock, but you don’t have to be so mean about it.

18.) I think this cat is really just pissed about you shoving a camera so close to his face.

19.) This cat agrees. Please get the camera out of his cat friend’s face.

20.) This taper is shocked that you would tell him it looks like he has a giant people nose. I mean just ’cause it’s true…

21.) Hoo did that? Hoo?

22.) This elephant will never forgot what you did to him that night you were drunk.

Did you say sorry for what you did? These animals are waiting. Look at these faces! Look at what you did!

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This Changes Absolutely EVERYTHING I Thought About Insects. I’ll Never Swat One Ever Again.

If you were sitting outside on a beautiful, sunny day, and something buzzed near your face… what would you do? My immediate reaction would be overwhelming annoyance, but after seeing these photos, I’m going to rethink that. John Hallmén is a photographer who focuses on taking macro and microscopic photos of insects, showing us what they really look like… His stunning photographs may take you by surprise.

You may not realize that these creatures are so beautiful in passing.

Some may even consider these little bugs cute.

This ant says “SMILE!”

Once you get over your heebie jeebies, you may see that these insects are quite amazing.

They are so tiny and delicate.

The photographer was able to capture the fragile details of each insect.

Who knew that a bug could be so fuzzy?

Or downright adorable?

The macro photos of insects aren’t always beautiful. Some are terrifying, no matter how close up you get.

I feel bad about swatting these little guys, now.

Did you know that moths are just as pretty as their more dramatic butterfly cousins?

I would very much love to take this guy home with me and name him Frankie the Fly.

Each of these photos were taken by John in a nature reserve by his home in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s amazing to see just what these insects look like up-close. Bees, ants, spiders and flies have been hiding their secret, beautiful identities from us. To see more of his work, visit his Flickr photo stream or online portfolio. (H/T Elite Daily) Share John’s beautiful work by clicking below.

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