Shooting near Texas A&M University, shooter in police custody; Updated

Shooting near Texas A&M University, shooter in police custody; Updated

At least two people were shot today in College Station, Texas, near the Texas A&M campus. Reports are conflicting, with some saying that the people shot were officers:


— PzFeed Top News (@PzFeed) August 13, 2012

Multiple people, including law enforcement officers, shot near Texas A&M University – police spokeswoman on CNN

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) August 13, 2012

KHOU in Houston says that the identities of the victims are still unknown:

Police said the suspect was firing shots from a house near the campus. A city spokesman said “multiple casualties” were involved in the incident, but was not confirmed whether those injured were officers or citizens.

BREAKING: Texas A&M says gunman apprehended near campus; residents warned to stay away from area

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 13, 2012

More: Police spokesperson says she doesn't know the extent of injuries in shooting near Texas A&M – @dallasnews

— Breaking News (@BreakingNews) August 13, 2012

We'll be posting updates on the mass shooting near the Texas A&M campus here + here on twitter.

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 13, 2012

We will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as it develops.



KHOU is now reporting that six people, including two law enforcement officers, were shot.



One of the officers wounded has been confirmed dead. Peace officer Brian Bachmann, 41, was shot while serving an eviction notice.



One male civilian has been confirmed dead. A female civilian is currently undergoing surgery for her injuries.



UPDATE: Three dead during shootout near Texas A&M, incl. the shooter #TAMUshooting

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 13, 2012

The condition of the wounded female civilian is still unknown. The second officer’s injuries are not life-threatening.



UPDATE: College Station PD press release gives some details about the dead and wounded #TAMUshooting

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 13, 2012


People have taken to Twitter to register their shock and sadness and to try to make sense of the senselessness:

ANOTHER shooting. This one at Texas A&M. What is wrong with people?!

— Jacquelyn Michäl (@jinxnumberfour) August 13, 2012

Thoughts and prayers going out to Texas A&M today. Can't believe this is the third time in the last month I've tweeted something like this.

— one_N (@jena_wall) August 13, 2012

So apparently there was a shooting at #A&M. I am praying for all the familys involved.

— Richie Dalby (@DalbyTheGreat) August 13, 2012

what the hell is wrong with people?! my prayers go out to Texas A&M

— Stephanie Campbell (@Stephanie1851) August 13, 2012

RT @hokieguru: Prayers to Texas A&M – I think we #Hokies are kindred brothers with them. #aTm #Aggies #tamu

— Al Jugo Mucho (@jugomucho) August 13, 2012

My heart goes out to Texas A&M University. Wow I was actually considering going there for grad school and hopefully working with the TTI.

— Asa Yoel (@AsaYoel) August 13, 2012

Praying for the victims of the Texas A&M shooting. #SECFamily #PrayForTAMU

— Caitlin Hunnicutt (@cait_hunn) August 13, 2012

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in the Texas A&M shooting. I am really sad about the recent violence in our country say a prayer today

— Dave Snyder (@DaveDdbig77) August 13, 2012

3 mass shootings in 4 weeks. Praying for the victims at #A&M. I wish our country would do something to stop this summer of violence.

— Kevin Saucedo-Broach (@kevsaucebro) August 13, 2012

Our prayers are with the families and friends of those killed and wounded in today’s tragedy.

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