Actress Abigail Breslin’s statement causes a little confusion

Got that? Neither did many of those who commented on the tweet from the “Signs,” “Zombieland” and “The Call” actress:!/MaryamNeon/status/406531059225227264

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Shooting near Texas A&M University, shooter in police custody; Updated

At least two people were shot today in College Station, Texas, near the Texas A&M campus. Reports are conflicting, with some saying that the people shot were officers:


— PzFeed Top News (@PzFeed) August 13, 2012

Multiple people, including law enforcement officers, shot near Texas A&M University – police spokeswoman on CNN

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) August 13, 2012

KHOU in Houston says that the identities of the victims are still unknown:

Police said the suspect was firing shots from a house near the campus. A city spokesman said “multiple casualties” were involved in the incident, but was not confirmed whether those injured were officers or citizens.

BREAKING: Texas A&M says gunman apprehended near campus; residents warned to stay away from area

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 13, 2012

More: Police spokesperson says she doesn't know the extent of injuries in shooting near Texas A&M – @dallasnews

— Breaking News (@BreakingNews) August 13, 2012

We'll be posting updates on the mass shooting near the Texas A&M campus here + here on twitter.

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 13, 2012

We will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as it develops.



KHOU is now reporting that six people, including two law enforcement officers, were shot.



One of the officers wounded has been confirmed dead. Peace officer Brian Bachmann, 41, was shot while serving an eviction notice.



One male civilian has been confirmed dead. A female civilian is currently undergoing surgery for her injuries.



UPDATE: Three dead during shootout near Texas A&M, incl. the shooter #TAMUshooting

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 13, 2012

The condition of the wounded female civilian is still unknown. The second officer’s injuries are not life-threatening.



UPDATE: College Station PD press release gives some details about the dead and wounded #TAMUshooting

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 13, 2012


People have taken to Twitter to register their shock and sadness and to try to make sense of the senselessness:

ANOTHER shooting. This one at Texas A&M. What is wrong with people?!

— Jacquelyn Michäl (@jinxnumberfour) August 13, 2012

Thoughts and prayers going out to Texas A&M today. Can't believe this is the third time in the last month I've tweeted something like this.

— one_N (@jena_wall) August 13, 2012

So apparently there was a shooting at #A&M. I am praying for all the familys involved.

— Richie Dalby (@DalbyTheGreat) August 13, 2012

what the hell is wrong with people?! my prayers go out to Texas A&M

— Stephanie Campbell (@Stephanie1851) August 13, 2012

RT @hokieguru: Prayers to Texas A&M – I think we #Hokies are kindred brothers with them. #aTm #Aggies #tamu

— Al Jugo Mucho (@jugomucho) August 13, 2012

My heart goes out to Texas A&M University. Wow I was actually considering going there for grad school and hopefully working with the TTI.

— Asa Yoel (@AsaYoel) August 13, 2012

Praying for the victims of the Texas A&M shooting. #SECFamily #PrayForTAMU

— Caitlin Hunnicutt (@cait_hunn) August 13, 2012

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in the Texas A&M shooting. I am really sad about the recent violence in our country say a prayer today

— Dave Snyder (@DaveDdbig77) August 13, 2012

3 mass shootings in 4 weeks. Praying for the victims at #A&M. I wish our country would do something to stop this summer of violence.

— Kevin Saucedo-Broach (@kevsaucebro) August 13, 2012

Our prayers are with the families and friends of those killed and wounded in today’s tragedy.

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Cara Delevigne Has Been Taking Selfies On The Catwalk

You go girl.

1. Cara walked for Giles Deacon yesterday during London Fashion Week and was spotted with her phone on the catwalk.

2. And now the mystery has been solved – she was filming herself.

3. She pulls a quick funny face before striding confidently down the catwalk.

4. You can hear her giggle as she comes off the stage.

5. Never change, Cara.

Cara Delevigne Has Been Taking Selfies On The Catwalk

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LGBT Groups Ask Apple To Cut Ties With Russian Retailer After Creative Director Advocates Burning Gay People Alive

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook. Robert Galbraith / Reuters / Reuters

A coalition of Russian LGBT rights organizations have called on Apple to sever ties with a Russian distributor whose creative director recently called for incinerating LGBT people.

“I’d burn them all alive in ovens,” Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin, a creative director for Euroset, Russia’s biggest mobile phone distributor, said in December. “It’s Sodom and Gomorrah, as a religious person I can’t be indifferent to it, it’s a living threat to my children.”

In a letter addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook and dated Jan. 5, 19 LGBT rights organizations urged Apple to “reconsider your business dealings with Euroset in light of these facts and set Apple as an example of a corporate citizen who supports basic human rights.” Euroset carries Apple products.

Euroset’s head, Alexander Malis, told the Russian outlet CNews that he would not respond to the protest letter because “we do not insult gay people and we are not to blame for them having been wronged.”

“We serve all people the same way, and are, in principle, against discrimination,” Malis added.

But the company declined to break with Okhlobystin when his comments were first reported. “Ivan expressed his personal opinion, and we will not fire him for that. Of course, we are opposed to burning someone in ovens,” Malis said, CNews reported.

Apple spokespeople did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Read the LGBT rights organizations’ letter to Apple


Correction: This story incorrectly said the letter was sent on Dec. 5. It was Jan. 5.

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14 caras que postaram fotos no Instagram após serem terrivelmente atacados pelo Suárez

Um outdoor da Adidas em Copacabana virou o novo ponto obrigatório para as fotos de lembrança da Copa do Mundo depois que o jogador uruguaio Luiz Suárez mordeu o zagueiro italiano Chiellini.

1. Corre que o Suárez está vindo te pegar!

2. Ei, sai daí que ele vai estragar seu lindo penteado.

3. Esta mordida foi fraca demais para este cara.

4. Tira o pescoço daí, cara!!!

5. R.I.P. antebraço. Que dor horrível.

6. Moço, você é bonitão. Uma pena ser atacado assim.

7. Corta para a outra câmera pra gente ver essa mordida de perto!

8. O Suárez vai te levar para as profundezas do oceano!

9. Engoliu a mão inteira, mas o momento foi simpático.

10. Ai, ai, Suárez, só você mesmo.

11. MEU DEUS! Este não só foi atacado, como perdeu metade do braço.

12. Este foi só o dedo, mas não menos perigoso.

13. Suárez não respeita nem quem já tá caído no chão.



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Media, check out dangerous racists at Million Veterans March [photos}


Of course, the lapdog media would have you believe the Million Veterans March was full of racists and nefarious types.


Yep, as Twitchy reported, the media ignored the peaceful and patriotic march and focused solely on one photo.  Politico’s Roger Simon upped the biased jackassery and said that “racism came out of the closet” at the Million Veterans March.

Well, media … take a look at these dangerous racists:

Adorable hope for our country.

But wait! There was more danger afoot.

Says it all.

We still do.

God bless America and its patriots, young and old.


Man who cut grass at memorial blocked from using mower; American ingenuity kicks in! [pic]

Politico’s Roger Simon: ‘Racism came out of the closet’ at Million Vets March

‘Says it all’: Bam! President Stompy Foot, meet veteran’s stomping boot [pic]

Barrycades back up at WWII Memorial: Not for long? Wounded warrior to ‘head there shortly’

Snit fit redux: Barrycades ordered back up at WWII Memorial; A simple suggestion [pics]

Nutshelled! Check out what our veterans think of the Barrycades [pics]

‘Could not be said better!’ Compare heroic patriot to President Stompy Foot [pic]

Valor: Another wounded warrior carried Barrycades; Searcy: ‘Best damn tweet ever!’ [pics]

‘Wow … just wow’: Wounded patriot is poignant reminder at Million Vets March [pics]

Media mostly AWOL from ‘Million Vets March’ story, with one glaring exception

Powerful photo from Million Vets March sums up ‘American spirit’

Perfection! Check out sign on Barrycade transported by vets to White House [pic]

‘Shut down the White House!’ Million Vets March protests outside the Spite House [pics]

‘Awesome!’ Veterans remove Barrycades from memorials, transport to White House [pics]

‘USA, USA!’ Police erect Lincoln Memorial Barrycades; Million Vets March crowd chants, breaches [pics]

Spite House sparks brilliant new name for Mt. Rushmore: Check out this shirt at Million Vets March

‘It belongs to the people!’ Sarah Palin and Sens. Cruz, Lee address Million Vets March [pics]

#1MVetMarch: Barrycades down! Spite House barricades no match for Million Vets March [photos]

‘Fight like a girl!’ Sarah Palin to attend Million Vets March; Haters gotta hate

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