GOP power player: Ben Carson ‘EXACTLY the kind’ of Senate candidate we need

GOP power player: Ben Carson ‘EXACTLY the kind’ of Senate candidate we need

With Democratic Sen. Carl Levin set to retire at the end of his term in 2014, state GOP leader and former RNC Chair candidate Saul Anuzis sees a big opportunity for a Republican Senate seat pickup:

Levin out creates a HUGE opportunity for Michigan Republicans!A “new” potential GOP pick-up for 2014. #migop #tcot #cpac2013

— Saul Anuzis (@sanuzis) March 7, 2013

Names like Rep. Justin Amash have been bandied about as potential replacements, but today, Anuzis put forth a new one: Dr. Ben Carson. Ever since his brilliant National Prayer Breakfast speech last month, Dr. Carson’s conservative star has been on the rise. But does he have a shot at the U.S. Senate?

intriguing, right?! :) RT @mpoindc: @sanuzis is tweeting floating Ben Carson for MI-SEN in 2014: #migop #rnc #gop

— Amy Jayne Hawkins (@amyjaynehawkins) March 21, 2013

He hasn’t ruled out a future presidential bid … maybe a seat in Congress would help him make up his mind.



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