Ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum freaks out over Ted Nugent hunting pic

Whoa, Ted Nugent is a hunter? He hunts animals? Nothing gets by Matt Sorum.

For some reason, the former Guns’ N’ Roses drummer dug up a photo that Nugent posted to Facebook several months ago. The Facebook caption reads: “Caeden & Poppy whackin groundhog garden terrorists! Perfect day of bow & arrow varminting!”

This Twitter user took issue with the Sorum tweet that declared Nugent a “sick individual.”

Here’s Sorum’s full retweet and reply via tmi.me:

“@ABeastAmI_EUSC2: @mattsorum @TedNugent WTF Matt? Nothing wrong with hunting. I agree that trapping isn’t the best way. And morally on the edge.” Keep it to yourself pal

“Keep it to yourself pal”? Ah, of course. The inevitable demand for freedom from criticism.

Sorum may not get how this whole Twitter thing works.

Full tweet:

Interesting how @tednugent is allowed to spout his glorification of hunting and the NRA and I’m not allowed to defend the innocent creatures he kills at leisure ?? Remember he dodged the draft?? Who’s the real man now??

Sorum’s “not allowed” to tweet whatever he wants? Who’s stopping him?

Confirmed: Officer Sorum, self-appointed Twitter cop, doesn’t get this social media thingamabob.

I’m just sick of @tednugent rubbing our noses in it. Stay up in the bush and please don’t come out and I would be happy. Social media isn’t the place for your prize kills.

Sorum has problems sticking to Twitter’s 140-character limit for his oh-so-important missives, often relying on tmi.me to collect the overflow. We’re not going to publish all of his anti-hunting tweets because it’s a really annoying use of Twitter. But here are some of those tweets followed by the full tmi.me messages:

“@rovibe71: @mattsorum Tell us, Matt — are you a vegan?” That’s not the point , I’m just sick of Teds big mouth and narcissism , I don’t eat meat

“@genesisgareca: @mattsorum What the fuck is wrong with people?? Supporting a hunter and attacking someone who protects animals?” Like I said Angry people , sad , no honest rebuttal that makes sense

So far, Nugent hasn’t felt the need to respond via social media. Maybe he’s not getting enough Scary Meat Hormones or something.

Does anyone notice the reaction of these ignorant people? I truly believe the hormones and other crap they’re eating is affecting what mind they have left.

The enlightened Sorum has been a vegetarian for “over a year.”


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Schadenfreude zing! Bright side to Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow-spotting?


Ah, yes. Good old Groundhog Day!

Oh the shame.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Sunday, predicting six more weeks of winter. Jake Tapper puts it another way:

Thanks bunches, Jake!

Yeah, didn’t anyone tell him it is supposed to be warm? Geez Louise!

And this Twitter user brings it all home with a bright side: We’ll always have schadenfreude:

So there’s that?


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‘LULZ!’ This is how absurdly ABC spun Obama’s Putin phone call [pic]


Oh, lapdogs! As Twitchy reported, the White House released a baffling photo of President Obama’s phone call with Vladimir Putin. ABC immediately spun like the wind. That ridiculous photo? Totally fear-inducing and tough and stuff.

Go home, ABC. You are drunk. On love for President Boyfriend.

How embarrassing.

But, wait! He has this:



Double snort.

And an exit question:


CBS political director/Slate correspondent covers for absentee president

Forward! Smart(phone) diplomacy? Should this be the Obama administration’s new motto?

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CBS political director/Slate correspondent covers for absentee president

President Empty Chair skips Saturday’s national security meeting?

Is this how we’ll know when President Empty Chair means business with Russia? [pic]

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‘Amazing, humble patriot': Late ‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Russell Johnson was also a WWII hero

They sure don’t.

“Gilligan’s Island” star Russell Johnson, aka The Professor, passed away early this morning. Many fans are paying tribute to him for his role on the beloved TV show, but there was so much more to him than that:

From The Wrap:

Born in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, Johnson graduated from a private boarding school for orphaned children before joining the Air Force, flying dozens of combat missions in World War II – including one that turned him into a real-life castaway in the Philippines in 1945. Johnson’s B-25 bomber was shot down by heavy flak; he broke both his ankles during the mission, and received the Purple Heart.

A true hero.

Russell Johnson (The Professor on Gilligan's Island)
flew 44 combat missions in WWII, until his B-25 was shot down.
(Via @GerryCallahan)— Ed Shahzade (@Ed) January 16, 2014

Badass, indeed. RIP.



‘My heart is broken’: Dawn Wells bids farewell ‘Gilligan’s Island’ costar Russell Johnson

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