Never Fear, These Baby Animals Have Arrived to Cheer You Up.

When you’re feeling down, just remember two words: baby animals. With their tiny feet and round heads, there’s nothing better for getting over the blahs. Peruse our gallery of wee creatures and feel your spirits lift.  

1.) The leeeettlest leeeezard.

2.) Raaaar!

3.) You know you want to rub my belly.

4.) You can just HEAR this lil quacker.

5.) A perfect place for a nap!

6.) I don’t even know what animal this is, but I wanna snuggle it.

7.) This puffy bird found a perfect perch!

8.) Not just a baby duck, a SLEEPY baby duck.

9.) Goin’ to the beach…eventually.

10.) Kitteh is not amused.

11.) Just gonna hitch a ride here.

12.) Hello there, hoomin friend!

13.) Out for a stroll with the family.

14.) This lil moo is already stylish.

15.) Baby dolphin AND mini penguin? Oh goodness!

16.) It might not be fluffy, but a baby pangolin sure is cute.

17.) Baby fox is on the hunt.

18.) A baby echidna is called a puggle. Because they totally needed to be even cuter.

19.) Baby goats contemplating the universe.

20.) Otter-ly cute.

Now take a deep breath and look at them again. Feeling better already, right? Great!

(Images via FullPunch)

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O-care ‘enrollment’ vs. cancellation notices in crushing perspective [pic]

Unreal. This graphic from the Senate Republican Policy Committee puts that all in crushing perspective.


It should be.

And this Twitter user notes what makes it even worse:

That’s right. Remember, the Newspeak-y “pre-effecuated enrollments” are also included in the White House figures.


For every Nevada Obamacare enrollee, 50 Nevadans received cancellation notices

For the 26-year-old children? Not so fast: Young people say ‘no thanks’ to O-care [pic]

That’s what she said? White House Obamacare enrollment euphemism sparks snickers

Triple truth-ache! Brit Hume slams O-care enrollment numbers, hosurance and Landrieu

Math is hard! Obamacare enrollment numbers won’t improve; Here’s why in one truth-boom

HHS releases craptacular Obamacare ‘enrollment’ numbers; Citizens want to throw up

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These 15 GIFs Prove Science Is More Amazing Than Fiction

Warning: Don’t try some of these things at home.

1. This is what happens when you cut a water droplet using a superhydrophobic knife on a surface that doesn’t get wet.

Arizona State University/Sploid / Via

2. This is the view from the Soyuz capsule, the spacecraft that takes astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS), as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA / Via

3. This is what vibrating guitar strings look like up close (captured using a rolling shutter effect).

Andy Nicolai / Via

4. This is how Astronaut Koichi Wakata rides a flying carpet in space.

AFP News / Via

5. This is what happens when you light a CD and blow on it.

Science Videos / Via

6. This is what happens when you stuff an orange full of fireworks.

Michael Hession/ Slo Mo Lab / Via

7. This is what happens when cardinal fish eat ostracod plankton. Ostracods produce bioluminescence so that the fish spits them out.

BBC / Via

8. This is what happens when you mix Russell pit viper snake venom with human blood.

BBC / Via

9. These Neodymium magnets spark when they collide in a blender.

Blendtec / Via

10. These Astronauts put a GoPro camera inside a floating ball of water in space.

NASA / Via

11. These magnets can attract cereal.

Omar Kardoudi / Via

12. This is what you see when a GoPro is strapped to the back of a lioness while she’s hunting prey.

GoPro / Via

13. This is what happens when you crack an egg 60 feet below the surface of the ocean.

Live Science / Via

14. Airplanes look like shooting stars in this time lapse of an airport.

Milton Tan / Via

15. This bot fly from Belize emerges from a scientist’s skin after he let them incubate inside of him.

Piotr Naskecki / Via

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RIP: Comedy legend Jonathan Winters has passed away!/Sullivan_Smith/status/322753394055999488

TMZ reports that Winters passed away last night. He was 87.

aw. I always liked Jonathan Winters. RIP

— Matthew Smith (@kyleo71) April 12, 2013

@TMZ: Jonathan Winters Dead at 87 #Breaking” Ohhh RIP! So talented

— KC (@wyrkyrgyrl) April 12, 2013

RIP Mr. Comedy and collector of "Gar-Bage" … Jonathan Winters

— mcbc (@mcbc) April 12, 2013

Jonathan Winters was a comedy god when I was a kid. Everybody who does improv today should burn their B-material in his honor.

— Bigshotprof (@thebigshotprof) April 12, 2013

Fare well, Jonathan Winters. Few people made laugh harder when I was a kid.

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) April 12, 2013

Oh crap Jonathan Winters died. RIP kind sir.

— Masked Scheduler (@maskedscheduler) April 12, 2013

Dang. RT @iowahawkblog: Comedy genius. RIP. RT @TMZ Jonathan Winters Dead at 87 #Breaking

— Drew Cline (@DrewHampshire) April 12, 2013

Ah, goodbye, Jonathan Winters. You were way ahead of your time.

— Always David Hahn™ (@David_Hahn) April 12, 2013

Made me laugh as a kid in Mork and Mindy but when I got older I learned how funny he really was. R.I.P. Jonathan Winters. One of the greats.

— Mike Gianella (@MikeGianella) April 12, 2013

When he was on 'The Jack Paar Show,' #JonathanWinters would make Dad & me laugh so hard that we cried. Winters was brilliant.

— Bobby Rivers (@BobbyRiversTV) April 12, 2013

TMZ is reporting Jonathan Winters is dead. Much sadness for a very funny man.

— Tom Lovett (@tomlovett01) April 12, 2013

Damn. Really sorry to hear that Jonathan Winters has passed. One of my favorite comics ever.

— Brevet Captain (@BrevetCaptain) April 12, 2013

#RIP Jonathan Winters. Comedy loses a legend.

— Orny Adams (@Ornyadams) April 12, 2013

RIP Jonathan Winters. Met him a few times, God that guy was funny! Playing the big room upstairs now!

— BIG FOOT (@BIGFOOOOT) April 12, 2013

Awww RIP Jonathan Winters.. Your comedic style will never be repeated #OneInAMillion

— Charlotte Autry (@CharlotteAutry) April 12, 2013

RIP Jonathan Winters. Remember watching you in "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World" when I was a kid. So very, very, very funny.

— David Crockett (@davidcrockett08) April 12, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones. Rest in peace.

Jonathan Winters–Gas Station Scene from It's A Mad Mad World #RIP

— olliander (@ollieblog) April 12, 2013

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This Guy’s Wife Rudely Left Him. What He Did With Her Wedding Dress Is EPIC.

Whenever a marriage ends, there is bound to be some negative fallout. Kevin Cotter knows that when your wife of 12 years leaves you, there is bound to be some (hilarious) revenge. His wife moved her possessions out of their home in Tucson, AZ, and left only one thing: her wedding dress, preserved in his closet. When he asked her what he should do with the keepsake worth nearly $1,000, she had only one response.

“Whatever the $%^@# you want.”

He obliged. What you see below are real uses of the wedding dress he posted to his blog.

That comment did the trick. The next month, when his brother asked him to go hunting, Kevin took the dress along. And that was just the beginning.


Anybody up for some sumo?

Yarr, it was the Curse of the Black-hearted Wife.

It’s a bride! It’s a pain!… oh no, it’s just a newly single and awesome guy.

He also turned it into a work of art.

Oddly enough, no one in the restaurant noticed or cared.

Then, he protected the interior of his car.

He also tried washing cars, but it turns out that wedding dresses don’t hold water very well.

You see, it’s helpful because the bustle holds up the end of the dress and keeps it from dragging the floor.

Kevin is now the world record holder for wedding dress jumps (that’s 37, by the way).

The only downside to using it as a parachute is that a wedding dress is all heavy and made from expensive materials.

Which makes it great at blocking sunlight.

People suggested using it as a slip ‘n slide. Little did they know, it was actually not great sliding material. At least he tried.

The dress wasn’t stiff enough to stand up well in the desert sand, but it was better than nothing.

The dress worked surprisingly well as a tow rope (helping him tow an SUV for over a mile).

Need to carry a baby or a dog? Easy.

This was Kevin’s first attempt at yoga. He couldn’t exactly place why standing on his ex’s wedding dress was so satisfying.

Tucson, AZ, hosts a Day of the Dead celebration every year. His costume was a smash hit.

He didn’t think the dress-hammock would support his weight, but voila: one of the best uses for the dress yet.

As it turns out, there are a lot of ways you can use your ex-wife’s wedding dress. Kevin goes into even more detail in his awesome book, 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress. Kevin does teach us a lot about just how strong wedding dresses are (but they still aren’t worth $10,000), but he also teaches us just how strong people can be after a break-up. Especially if you can get creative.

Source: MyExWifesWeddingDress

Share Kevin’s interesting way to deal with a breakup. It’s pretty awesome.

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David Limbaugh spots ‘good omen'; See how Dana Loesch is part of it [pic]!/nofrieschip/status/508973848625434625


Author David Limbaugh spotted what he thinks is a good omen for his book launch:!/DavidLimbaugh/status/508971613124308992

Ha! No good omen needed: There is already much praise for Limbaugh’s latest book, “Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel.”!/michellemalkin/status/508983870377959424


Dana Loesch is readying for her own launch:!/Janihall58/status/508979317150195713


Don’t forget to watch, Twitchy readers:!/DLoesch/status/508975376853651456


Twitchy coverage of Dana Loesch

Twitchy coverage of David Limbaugh

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