This Terrifying Nightmare Fuel Was Found On People’s iPhones… What The?!

On every iPhone, there is a simple feature that allows you to take panoramic photos. The camera setting works by taking a picture while you move your camera from left to right. Most of the time, it works like a charm. However, sometimes whatever you’re taking a picture of will move. Or maybe your hand will slip a little during the recording process. When that happens, the camera will glitch… resulting in a weird, photographic nightmare.

1.) Everything about this is so wrong.

2.) Ew. Ew. Ew.

3.) I’m dreaming this, right?

4.) Nope. Nope.

5.) This is worse than The Ring.

6.) How can a dog be terrifying?

7.) He can’t possibly be human.

8.) I think you’re missing a body, there.

9.) This is what happens when you don’t time travel correctly.

10.) This just looks painful.

11.) Oh look, a demon child.

12.) Warning: swings can make body parts disappear.

13.) Oh look, half a dog.

14.) This horse is master of my fear.

15.) Centi-cat doesn’t like getting wet.


17.) You don’t have to feed dogs without heads.

18.) Hey, you’re missing a face.

19.) I’ll never feel safe taking a bath again.

(H/T College Humor) On almost every iPhone, a glitched photo is saved… haunting you of every hour of every day. If you find one on your Camera Roll, delete it. Otherwise it might actually steal your soul.

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Lapdogs swoon! Non-lapdogs guess Obama’s next Egypt move (snort)

Yep. President Obama made a statement Thursday morning on the violence in Egypt. As Twitchy reported, journalists and protesters are being shot, churches are being burned and the death toll is rising.

He was late to speak, natch. This Twitter user guesses why:

That’s right: The “coup” word is still not being uttered.

Also assclowns? Lapdogs in the media.

Isn’t he so strong and dreamy?! Squee!

CBS’ Margaret Brennan thinks so!

Whatever, rubes! Y’all just don’t get the “diplomatic circles” nuance-y nuance.

Non-lapdogs rightly take the media to task.

AP enters the mix:

Tell us how you really feel!

What “news” did we get from Obama?

Pathetic. Paper Tiger POTUS strikes again.

What can we expect from him next?



‘Go home, White House, you’re drunk’: WH keeps laser-like focus on Biden and a camel as Egypt burns [pic]

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Report: Reuters photojournalist Asmaa Waguih shot in Egypt; Update: Sky News cameraman Mick Deane killed

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Sweden’s foreign minister to Egyptian ambassador: Are protesters shooting themselves?

Journalist live-tweets tear gas attack on pro-Morsi forces in Egypt

Paper Tiger POTUS: Obama’s ‘red line’ on Syria totally just a gaffe, guys!

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Heartbreaking: Rick Warren finds son’s copy of ‘A Purpose-Driven Life’!/RickWarren/status/326512142742351872

It’s not a sin to be sick …whether diabetes, AIDS, or mental illness. #NoStigmaNoShame

— Rick Warren (@RickWarren) April 23, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren has been going through a very public period of mourning following his son’s suicide earlier this month. Fortunately, the trolls seem to have lost interest in tormenting Warren, leaving supporters to offer their support and prayers.

That Rick Warren tweet made me sad. To save so many and not be able to save your kid has to be heartbreaking.

— Damita Jo (@kiaspeaks) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren Ya’ll are so special…and so many are finding Jesus in this dark time.Thanks for being so honest & real are loved.

— Dusty Wells (@dusty_wells) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren Wow. I can’t even imagine. What a range of emotions that must have brought. Praying in Ohio.

— Guy Hufstetler (@guy_hufstetler) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren I’m so sorry…That was heart wrenching to even read…prayers with you and your family.

— Mike Kim (@mikekimtv) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren The tough stuff that keeps happening is an indicator of how much you loved your son. Much love to you and Kay.

— Sue Wells (@suewellspt) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren may you find comfort in his words and sweet memories. God bless you and Ms Kay. I am truly sorry.

— Anna Baker (@bama_baker) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren I’m so sorry. That HAS TO BE sooo painful. You are good parents. He obviously treasured your wisdom and parental leadership.

— Kelly Carleton (@KellyCarleton1) April 23, 2013

Tweet after tweet, @rickwarren shows us how to be a godly person enduring great pain. Seriously. Scan his ‘full profile’. We love you, Rick.

— Todd Hahn (@nlctodd) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren THANK YOU for shedding light on this crippling stigma. It is needed so desperately.

— Alicia Canestra (@acanestra) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren thank you for baring your heart to all of us so openly. Who knows how many you are ministering to this day and in days to come?

— Terri Weir (@terri_weir) April 23, 2013

@rickwarren Your willingness 2 allow the public into your deeply personal grief & tragedy testifies to your character #trueleader #humility

— Dr. Kristy Hardwick (@KristyHardwick) April 23, 2013

Following pastor @rickwarren is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being open/honest about faith and pain is how hearts find healing.

— Sam Lorton (@sam_lorton) April 23, 2013


Rick Warren: Sale of son’s home to fund new mental illness ministry

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