Aww: Sarah Palin shares ‘Happy Birthday, Piper Indi Grace!’ photo album

Happy birthday, Piper!

Proud mom Sarah Palin shared five photos of daughter Piper on Facebook today. View the full album here.

@sarahpalinusa Happy Birthday Piper! #YouRock :-)

— RedBrightandTrue (@RedBrightandTru) March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to a fellow March baby! MT @sarahpalinusa: “Happy Birthday, Piper Indi Grace!”

— Michelle McCormick (@TexMex817) March 19, 2013

Haha great pix of Piper @sarahpalinusa! I love birthdays! :-)

— Emily Baxter (@EmilyBaxterUSA) March 19, 2013

From “Going Rogue”:

Piper Indi Grace was born March 19, a Monday. Todd flies a Piper plane, but I just liked the name. “Indi” for “Independence” (though the Indy 500 is pretty cool too) and “Grace” for “God’s Grace.” The next day I took her by work when I checked in on City Hall. She was a fun and accommodating kid from the start, even arriving exactly on her due date.

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‘Disgrace to journalism': David Gregory asks horrifically stupid Christie question

Oh boy! And all it took was a scandal in a Republican’s administration:

Just on its surface, Gregory’s tweet is asinine enough:

But when you consider that Gregory didn’t seem to feel that way about anything that happened on President Obama’s watch, his hackery grows exponentially:

Gee. He can’t recall. But maybe that’s because he’s still got his own burden to deal with:

Remember this?

What a colossal joke.



Twitchy coverage of David Gregory

Twitchy coverage of the NJ bridge scandal

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Michelle Fields refers to Phil Robertson as ‘racist'; Evidence for claim requested

Not that critics of Phil Robertson need any extra assistance, but count frequent “Hannity” guest Michelle Fields among those who have labeled the “Duck Dynasty” star racist:!/MichelleFields/status/413892389711790081

Fields also retweeted this:

The article linked above offered as “evidence” that Robertson is a racist puts words in his mouth. For example, Robertson never said African-Americans were “happier under Jim Crow,” but rather those words are the author’s interpretation of what Robertson said, which was a description of his personal experience in pre-civil rights Louisiana.

These tweeters would rather Fields judge Robertson based on what he actually said on this issue and not from separate, agenda-driven interpretations of those words:

* * *


Fields has since deleted her tweet.


Fields responds to Twitchy’s post:!/MichelleFields/status/414218678062690304

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